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BAG® Bauartikel | Formwork tubes

BAG® Bauartikel GmbH focuses on the development, the production and the distribution of products for the building industry.

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The core business of BAG® Bauartikel GmbH lies since more than 18 years in the very innovative development of cement bound spacers. It is a special challenge for us, to full fill the increasing requirements for the durableness of reinforced concrete constructions through our high quality products. Through a constant new and innovative product development we have been able to establish on the market. Only the use of high quality and technical demanding spacers guarantees the compliance of the concrete cover and avoids high costs for expensive clean-up operations.

The quality aspects, which are decelerated by the German concrete association “ Deutscher Beton – und Bautechnik-Verein e.V. Berlin” for cement bound spacers, according to DIN 1045-1 in connection with the DBV-leaflet “Spacers” are approved on our spacers. Official data sheets are available with inquiry.

Products of BAG® Bauartikel GmbH are distributed worldwide directly through us to the building site or through our existing partners which are placed local. If desired we are able to take over the complete logistic transaction. So no additional efforts will arise.