Zementgebundene Abstandhalter | Betonabstandhalter

Cement bound spacers

BAG Single Spacers, available with and without wires or a twin plastic clip, bar- and special spacers, etc.


Concrete cones

BAG Cones for exposed concrete, BAG Non-exposed concrete cones, BAG special “Screw Cone” SVK®, etc.



BAG Round formworks, BAG square and rectangular formworks

Strukturmatrizen | Holzstruktur | Steinstruktur | Sonderstruktur

Structure foils

BAG structure foils in wood structures, stone structures and special structures

Abdichtungssysteme | Quellband | Injektionssysteme | Fugenbleche | flächige Abdichtungssysteme

Sealing systems

Swelling Tape, Injection Systems, Metal waterstops, surface waterproofing systems, etc.